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Don't you just love being outside?! Breathing in the fresh air. Listening to the sounds of nature. We've all been inside so much this passed year that we think it's time to turn it around.


The Zen Caravan will be touring through The Netherlands stopping at various campings and hosting yoga weekend holidays. These holidays are for those who need to relax and get out of that repititive cycle for a weekend. We will have a spot for a group of maximum 12 where you can set up your tent, caravan or van.

During our retreats we want to have this warm community feeling over the weekend. So instead of being scattered over the camping on several spots, we will all stay together at the same area. On every campsite we will always have a spot with some more privacy. Being on a campsite always brings some natural noises of people living outside. But since we have a little more secluded area there wont be children running around at our area! 

Everyday there will be Yoga and meditation classes where we will use live music to give you the full relaxing experience. These yogaclasses will take place outside, which give an amazing feeling of freedom. Rain? We got that covered with a big water and wind resistent tent which we can be closed if needed. The rest of the day is free to do whatever you want. Relax and read a book, take a walk in nature, play games or just sit down and do nothing. 


Interested in what kind of classes we do during these weekends? 


Bring your own

You can bring your own tent or caravan to all campsites. Feel free to bring whatever you need to make your days as comfortable as you want.


We've got you

Don't feel like bringing your own tent? No worries! We've got you covered. For an extra fee a night we will arrange the sleeping place for you.



We will arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner. All food will be plantbased and super yummy!

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