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Food & Drinks


All the food at the retreats will be vegan! Not only because its healthy, but because it is just really good. We will be serving diner on Friday, breakfast, lunch and diner on Saturday, breakfast and a snack for on the road on Sunday!

Every retreat we will be accompanied by the Funky Food Sisters by Burgerz. The sisters Chrissy and Stevie P. will be serving us some delicious food over the weekend. 10 years ago Chrissy and Stevie started the restaurant chain 'Pure Funky Burgerz' with the idea to make the most sustainable and pure products. Their adventure started with using meat. But after a few years their menu started to change and veggie and vegan options became available! Curious and passionate about the vegan world they developed the Dutch Weed Burger together with writer Lisette Kreischer and filmmaker Mark Kulsdom. 

They have a passion for food and are excited to share their funky food with you on the retreats. They will be sharing some great seasonal vegan meals. And of course, the one and only ZEN Burger will be available at every retreat!


We will be serving coffee and tea for free all day. During the day it is possible to get some simple refreshments for a small price. At the end of the day there is also the possibility to get a beer or wine for a small price. If you really crave some other drinks please feel free to bring your own!

Stevie P.

Friend, not food.

Chrissy P.

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