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Updated: May 20, 2022

So here we are, 2 weeks in with our BarefooTuesday!

First let me tell you real quick why we do this:


Last year we have been touring through The Netherlands with our camper, from campsite to campsite to teach yogaclasses, workshops and retreats.

This was amazing because we got to spend time with each other, be outside everyday and share our passion.


we like to walk barefoot, we always have. And when you go camping you are on grass most of the time and you are outside everyday. Walking barefeet goes pretty automatically if you live like that. Walking barefoot almost all day, everyday changes the tissues in the feet, changes the way you move and creates more stability in the body.

So 3 months later we returned home, to the city… Where walking barefeet can be a challenge and can be dangerous! We live in Scheveningen, which is a beach place but still, there is a lot of tourism, a lot of broken glass and what not. So what do you do? You put back on your shoes, and shoes mean: Nike Air Max. Tight shoes, lifted toes and a sole that feels like you walk on a soft carpet. Lovely you would say right? A nice soft landing every time you take a step, good support for your feet…


Cramping your feet into shoes, toes together,

lifted toes, thick sole which allows NO real contact with the ground.

Your feet are simply covered all the way and they have no ability to move around, get sensory input on the soles of your feet and no chance to develop in a healthy way.

Now before I dive into more details on research, on why, on how and more, just think about this:

What if you put your hands into tight gloves that squeeze your fingers together, so you can’t move your finger separately at all. Now you keep those gloves on for 5 years, 10 years, or even 6 months. What do you think will happen?

Think about it and I’ll see you next week with another episode of BarefooTuesday!

PS: If you are interested in walking barefeet, here is 3 things you can do to start:

  • Start walking on barefeet everyday for just a minute. Inside, in your garden, on your porch, on a little piece of grass in the neighborhood. It doesnt really matter where, just start!

  • Go to to find out more about barefoot shoes. Together with Ahinsa we want to shine more light on recent research on being barefeet. Building a strong foundation is super important for the a healthy life. IF you already decide to buy them right away, then we are happy to share a little 10% discount with you by using code ‘Zen10’ at checkout!

  • Follow us on instagram( for a weekly video/tip/trick on developing stronger and painfree feet.

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