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How to transition to the barefoot life?!

A commonly asked question is: ‘’How do I transition to walking barefoot more often?

It is also a very important question, because going from 0 to 100 in a week is NOT the way to do it and is not safe. We have heard people going barefoot everyday once they found out it’s better for their feet. Well yeah in the end it is better.


We need to remember that our feet have been held captive our whole lives. So if you are 20/30/40/50 years old and you are reading this, your feet have to catch up with 20/30/40/50 years of NOT walking barefoot. Not getting input, not moving in the best way possible. So you have to be mindful of the fact that our feet need to be introduced again to this sensory input from the world. Freeing the feet needs to be done carefully.

The good news here is that the body is a wonderful thing. The body has the strength and ability to adapt, even on a later age. The body feels, reacts and adapts to new situations. This is very personal, so give your body the time to adjust to a new situation. In this case going barefeet.

So now that you know that you need to be a little careful and take it step by step, the question is, where do I begin?

It’s not that the whole world has an earthy ground, grass or sand everywhere. Today’s society lives mostly in the city where the ground is hard, there are a lot of dangers like glass, lose bricks, sharp objects and what not. So yes, as we shared last week, a daily walk on a piece of grass is a GREAT way to begin!


Going barefoot doesn’t mean you have to be barefoot all the time. I mean, what do you do in winter time? On a rainy day? Or on a day you simply WANT to wear shoes?

This is where barefoot shoes come in! Our lovely friends from Ahinsa shoes have the solution to this question! They make beautiful, vegan, responsible and ecological shoes. Their shoes are made by fysiotherapists and carefully researched and tested. We simply love the philosophy and their shoes, they make our feet feel better!

So here is the deal: say you have a medical condition, or really sore feet, or you simply like a shoes that give a little comfort but STILL you want to try to regain healthy feet. Here is what you do: you go to and find their comfort line shoes. These barefoot shoes have a little thicker sole, a little more support but they are still shoes with more space. More space to move the toes, to move the feet and ankle. This is the perfect shoe for someone who is totally new to the concept of barefoot shoes. You won't have the full barefoot experience yet, but your feet will have more space and will definitely feel better.

You progress from here, listening to your body and giving your feet the time to adjust.

And here is an example of the shoes they have:

Comfort line Coconut waste sandals. Perfect for the summer that is coming up!

We wear them on the campsite all the time, in the city and actually everywhere. And these beautiful sandals are made out of coconut waste… How cool is that?!

Allright, thats it for today! See you next week!

PS; IF you decide to buy barefoot shoes, make sure to use code ‘Zen10’ at check out and send us a message if you have anymore questions!

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