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Benefits of rolling the feet

Our feet take a beating everyday. It carries our weight all day long and most of the times has to work really hard to keep our body aligned. Since we wear footwear that ‘’protects’’ our feet really well, the feet can not move around freely. The feet are cramped up in small shoes, have no sensory input from the earth and don’t move in a way they are able to.

Regular foot rolling will improve the mobility of your feet, which has a beneficial effect on how your knees, hips, and spine align. It will also help release tightness up the whole back line of your body. Rolling the feet has so many more overall health benefits:

  • Release stress

  • Relieve anxiety

  • Improve blood flow

  • Release tight spots

  • Improve sleep

  • Relieves sore muscles

You don’t have to be familiar with the exact pressure points under your feet. Simply place a ball under your foot and find tight spots. Roll around on those spots for a minute or 2, to really reap the benefits of this technique. You can also roll over the whole foot, starting at the toes, ball of the foot, middle of the foot and end with the heel. Spending 2 minutes at each area really makers a difference! Doing this 3 times a week to start with can already help you. When you feel what the effects are, you will soon be hooked and you will be rolling everyday!

Now find yourself a tennisball, massageball, bouncy ball or whatever you can find and start rolling! Find our newest video with some tips and tricks on our instagram!

PS; if you are interested in more information and knowledge about the barefoot life, visit: and use code ‘’Zen10’ at check out for a 10% discount!

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