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Sound Experience

In our yoga and meditation classes we use live instruments such as the handpan, singingbowls, guitar and the beautiful vocals of Joy. The use of live instruments causing vibrations will help you to go deeper into your poses. It will calm the mind and help you experience a deeper state of consciousness. The relaxing and opening effects of yoga poses, combined with vibrations, will help you to make a deeper connection to the inner self. It will bring you into a place of deep surrender. 


Sound healing is a natural way of achieving reduced levels of stress, tension, anxiety and higher levels of positive feelings. Studies have shown that when you expose the body to the healing sounds of singing bowls, handpan, koshis and other instruments, that the body becomes more relaxed. This phenomenen occurs because the body exists for more than 65% of water. Which means that if you have vibrations coming into the body, the water in the body will vibrate accordingly.


In simple words it means that sound healing helps relaxing the body and the brain. It helps us to release any tension in the body by just listening and feeling the instruments. When you come out of a session of yoga or meditation guided by these beautiful instruments, you will feel a sense of peace and happiness in the body and mind.


The beauty of our sessions is that Joy and Eddie are both muscians, having played all over the world. Which means these sounds are not just randomly some sounds coming into space. But Joy and Eddie tell a story, they take you on a magical journey of sounds and vibrations which will help you to release and let go of everything. Leaving you with a peaceful and richer feeling then before you came in.

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