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Yoga & Meditaion



Starting the day with soft movements to gently wake up the body and mind. The morning classes will be gentle and energizing getting yourself ready for another lovely day. The Yoga practices are for everyone! Even if you've never practiced before our teacher will guide you safely through the practice.

-Morning Flow 


Every morning we tune in with our bodies and our minds. Starting the day with a mindfulness meditation is proven to be very helpful in daily life.

Every evening we join together around the campfire for a special campfire meditation. Here we will dive a little deeper into our mind and body and will discover the power of intention setting and gratitude towards yourself and others.


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 Yin & Sound 



The evening class will be relaxing and restorative. Using soft movement and Yin poses to let go of stresses and to open up and soften the body.

In this practice we hold poses for a longer period to dive into the deeper tissues of the body. 

All classes will be accompanied by our

 Sound Experience!


This will make your stay with us one to never forget

Want to know more about our music?

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